On the HELP campus, Lon Long school is positioned for “first intermediate”. We offer Spartan-style education for the first intermediate level. Longlong school is the biggest mountain in Baguio, and it is the environment to study only. It is a recommended school for people who want to concentrate and learn in an environment without temptation.

Characteristics of Longlon School

The “Long Long School” located in a spectacular land full of nature in the Baguio region is positioned as a campus for the first intermediate grade. Because of Sparta-style English education, the school regulations are kept strict, and the learning side is managed finely. One of the major features of the Long Long school with a large site is that in addition to entertainment facilities such as student dormitories, gym and cafeteria, International College (University of Concordia) is integrated on campus. Because of the low proportion of Japanese people at Lonlon school, we have many opportunities to use English in our daily life scene. Also, since it is a campus for beginners, classes will be expanded in English conversation courses, with lecturers carefully commenting on student progress and motivation.

appeal point

Learning environment without temptation (located in the mountains, strict school regulations, 5% of Japanese
Provide many places of output necessary for growth, such as presentation and speech
Numerous talented lecturers accustomed to the intermediate-intermediate level
Test preparation course optimized for beginners (TOEIC / TOEFL / IELTS)

Ronlon School Rules

EOP (English only policy)

EOP is held in limited areas during weekdays during the day.
Penalties are imposed on English use in the mother tongue prohibited area.

Curfew rule

It is not possible to go out on weekdays (6-24 o’clock on Saturdays, 6-18 o’clock on Sunday)
※ Only one weekly trip monthly staying outside allowance (required application)

Course introduction

  • ESL-4
  • ESL-5
  • ESL-6
  • ESL-8

School dormitory

  • Single room
  • Double room
  • Triple room
  • Quad Room

Instructor information